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We offer tax services for any of our monthly bookkeeping, Finance Tune Up, and CFO plan clients. Why don’t we do taxes for everyone?

Because we want to provide the most value to your business, and we believe in getting a holistic view of your finances. We can’t do that if we only talk to you once per year at tax time.

We know it can be frustrating to coordinate between your bookkeeper and your tax accountant, and they frequently don’t communicate effectively with each other. It’s also hard for your tax accountant to be proactive when they only see your financials once per year, which can result in tax surprises for you.

That’s why when you hire us to tax care of your taxes, our CPAs will review your books after they are closed every month. We also offer free CFO office hours for our monthly clients to stay ahead of potential tax issues.

We’ll make sure that all your tax needs are covered, and will proactively reach out if we see any opportunities for savings.


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