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Finance doesn't have to be hard.

Our courses, masterclasses, and templates help business owners like you get a handle on your finances and taxes - without the jargon and overwhelm - so you can run your business with confidence.

Digital Courses - Finance for Business Owners

Profitable From The Start Bundle

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A bundle of 5 courses covering the  basics of business finance, taxes and profit strategy to teach you the skills to you get your business organized and making money. Get it all for 10% off, plus get 90 days of Q&A support - only with the bundle! 

Bookkeeping & Finance Essentials to Get Organized


A simple method for keeping up with your books AND knowing your numbers - bookkeeping basics and templates, how to read your financial statements, and how to create a scorecard and track your key metrics.

Business Foundations for New Business Owners


A straightforward guide to all the setup and organizational things you need to start your business with a solid foundation - legal entities, EINs, business bank accounts, payment processors, and insurance.

Business Tax Basics All Small Business Owners Need

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Exactly what new business owners and solopreneurs need to stay out of trouble and pay less in taxes - how taxes and deductions work, keep up with estimates, take care of 1099s, a sales tax primer, and how to hire a tax pro.

Intro to Financial Strategy for Small Businesses


Create a strategy to generate positive cash flow in your business - identify your financial goals and define success, calculate revenue targets, optimize your pricing, and learn my framework for spending and investing in your business.

A Simple Banking System to Manage Money and Get Paid


How to manage the money you make in your business so it goes where you want it to - your pocket - instead of flying out the door - calculate your salary, know what you can afford, and implement a simple cash management system.


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Million Dollar Wealth Map

Map out how to turn your business's cash flow into wealth and create $1M+ in net worth from your business. In this masterclass, we covered: Wealth-building principles - why you'll probably need at least $1M to retire, rules to investing, and the impact of taxes; The Wealth Ladder and the 3 stages to financial freedom; 3 steps to turning your business's cash flow into wealth

Templates + Spreadsheets

Estimated Tax Calculator

Coming soon!

Financial Statement Template

Coming soon!

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