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Hey CEO!
Are you ready to find your next step to a more profitable business?

Would you love to pay yourself more, but aren't sure what to do to make that happen?

Do you dream of hiring a team, getting out of the day-to-day grind, and growing your business, but you don't have the capacity for more clients or customers?

Is your goal to create a legacy for your family, retire early, give back to your community, and lead a more rich life (and I don't mean rich just in dollars)?

You can do these things without having to go hustle and sell more! What you need is a clear profit strategy so you know exactly what to do to create a more profitable business that generates the wealth and time freedom you want.

My 3 minute quiz will tell you the next step you should take in your business to do just that, based on where you are in your unique business right now!

You became an entrepreneur so you could do more of what you love...


But the financial side of your business is stressing you out.

I get it - it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the financial advice out there.

And it's hard to know exactly what you should focus on next to create a profitable business and build you wealth.

That's why I've broken my quiz results down into 4 stages so you can find out exactly what you should focus on next! I'll even give you a few CFO tips specific to your stage to make it easier and more approachable to implement your next step in your business.

I’m a Virtual CFO and CPA. I take a fresh approach to finance and taxes, and I’m not the old-school CPA your dad referred you to. There’s way more to your business‘s finances than your tax return – I'll show you how to think about your money holistically in order to maximize your overall profits and keep more of what you earn, so you can build your wealth, leave a legacy, and create more peace and stability in your life.

With over a decade of finance, business, and leadership experience under my belt, from working in the Big 4 and corporate world to starting my Virtual CFO practice, I’m here to make finance more approachable, less stressful, and more fun!

Hi, I'm Sarah!

After seeing behind the scenes of over 100 business owners, I've found that as your business grows, you tend to go through 4 stages:


At each stage, what you need to focus on financially changes! You can't skip past the steps in one stage - if you do, you'll end up backtracking later.

Take my quiz to find out which stage you're in, and my top tips to successfully navigate each stage.


Take my quick quiz to find out your best next step for a more profitable business!

It's just 8 questions and once you finish, you'll get my 3 best CFO tips for your stage of business!

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