with Sarah Young

Invest $100K of your cash flow with a profit strategy

For the entrepreneur ready to create more stability and security in your business, get out of the feast or famine cycle, and reap the rewards of your hard work.


You became an entrepreneur so you could do more of what you love...

But you're still looking for the financial freedom everyone always talks about.

You've figured out how to bring in sales and got your business off the ground, but you're still not paying yourself regularly (if at all).


You feel like you're living paycheck to paycheck - or sale to sale - in your business.

You've got big goals, but the idea of creating wealth and being rich feels out of reach because money just keeps flying out the door.

Profit + Prosper is a 12-month coaching program for entrepreneurs who have made $100K in sales to build their net worth by $100K with my proprietary M⁴ method. 

You'll learn how to think like a millionaire CEO, create a personalized profit strategy, invest to build your business, and manage your money so it ends up going where you want it to go - your wealth!



A group program to build your wealth  - with your business as the firestarter.

With Sarah Young, CPA, Virtual CFO, and founder of Young + Co

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Are you thinking...

You love what you do and have big dreams for your business, but you aren't sure how to afford it all.

✔ You’re in the trenches in your business all the time but you're still paying yourself pennies.

✔ You're constantly on the hamster wheel of making new sales to cover for yet another thing you have to pay out.

✔ Your calendar is filled to the brim with meetings and client work, so the financial component of the business always seems to get put on the back burner.

✔ You're tired of searching for answers online - or getting vague answers from your finance team - and just want someone to tell you what you REALLY need to know.

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Instead, what if you could:

✨Start paying yourself a consistent salary - and know that it's just the beginning.

✨Confidently know your numbers so you can make business decisions fast.

✨ Learn how to create your own profit plan so you can stay profitable and pay yourself more as your business grows.

✨ Bring in more security and stability to your business instead of constantly stressing about cash flow.

✨Turn your business into a wealth-generating engine that helps you achieve your rich life goals.


"I never thought I would be able to hire employees in my business - it felt like such a far off thing. But after going through Sarah's program, I'm taking a more hands-on approach with managing my money and streamlining my systems. I've created more time and space that I've used to expand my team and set my business up to double down on growth and expansion! In the first year of running my business, I felt so burned out. Now, I've started resting more and having fun in my business again. I can't praise Sarah enough for her guidance this year!"

Kenzie Harkey


Turn your money into the rocket fuel that propels you toward your goals

My Profit + Prosper Program teaches you everything you need to turn your cash flow into $100K in wealth WITHOUT having to live in the bookkeeping trenches.


Here's how we make it happen

Money Mindset

Assess your money mindset and figure out what's holding you back from leading a richer life.

Know Your Numbers

Understand your financials and use your numbers to make smart, quick business decisions.

Manage Your Money

Set up a simple system to manage your money without a budget and stop the profit leaks.

Create a Profit Plan

Set financial goals, clarify your business model, and make a plan to increase cash flow.

Optimize Cash Flow

Pull the right levers to maximize your profit margins and build up your bank account balance.

Secure Your Business

Protect your business financially so you can grow and scale with confidence.

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"Before joining Sarah's program, I only looked at my numbers when it was tax time, which inevitably led to unpleasant surprises. Now, I not only keep up with my accounting, but I understand what my numbers are telling me and why they're important. I have so much more clarity around my financial goals and what I want out of my business, and I know how I can make my money work for me. I have a plan for the future and can work toward executing on my vision for my business! Plus, I won't have any big surprises at tax time because I'm addressing my financials head-on. "

Lorree Riley


Hi! I'm Sarah.

My mission is to remove the roadblocks and teach the financial skills you need so you can Profit and Prosper in your business and life.

I'm a CPA and Virtual CFO, and a wife and mom. I spent years honing my business, finance, and leadership skills in the Big Four and at a large publicly-traded company before founding Young + Co. I started my business after seeing first-hand how difficult it is for small business owners to find trusted experts to help them understand their entire financial picture. I decided to fix that problem!

I believe in a fresh approach to your finances, and I'm not the stodgy, traditional CPA your dad referred you to. I believe that there's way more to your finances than your tax return - it's important to think about your finances holistically in order to maximize your overall profits so you can build your wealth and legacy and create more peace and stability in your life.

In addition to helping my clients achieve their financial goals, I’m also a business owner like you. After working with over 100 clients and growing my own business, I've learned what works - and what results in money flying out the door.

I've put all my knowledge and best practices into this program to provide you with a system that teaches you exactly what you need to turn your cash flow into wealth!

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Here's what you get inside my
Profit + Prosper Program

Profit + Prosper is a group program that will teach you how to think like a millionaire CEO and add $100K to your wealth.

👉 Lifetime access to my program content with pre-recorded video modules, plus access to all future updates to the program so you can refer back at any time. 

👉 Support from me, your personal Virtual CFO and CPA, on our live coaching calls and in our private community to answer your questions, get you unstuck, and help you implement what you learn.

👉 We'll kick off the cohort with my signature live Quarterly CFO Roadmap session, where you'll define what your wealthy life looks like and create your personalized profit plan based on what you need in your business.

👉 A quick-start On Ramp program to walk you through setting the right foundations and getting a handle on your financials so we can dig into the fun stuff!

👉 LIVE community calls for accountability and coaching on financial strategy and tactics. All calls are hosted by me, your personal CPA and Virtual CFO, and are recorded in case you can't make it live. 


👉 All my best financial templates, calculators, checklists, and worksheets to make implementation a breeze.

👉 A private, members-only space for daily support and coaching.

👉 A community of like-minded business owners to cheer you on!


"In the first year of running my business I was making plenty of sales and quickly hired a team, but was hesitant to take money out to pay myself and I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants all the time. After working with Sarah, I'm super clear on what I want to achieve and how my business goals can align with my life. I'm paying myself regularly, I have time to spend with my family, and I have a plan to keep growing in a way that aligns with my values. I'm not just getting by anymore - I feel so much more confident and clear about what my purpose is and how I'm going to get there."

Mary Jayne Wilson



Profit + Prosper is open for enrollment just a few times each year.



   Still have questions?   
   I've got answers!   

When does the program begin and end? 

You have lifetime access to the modules and resources, including future updates! You have access to our live calls, community, and support for a full year

How do I know if this is a good fit for me? What if I'm not good at numbers?

This program is going to teach you all the business financial concepts that any CEO needs to know, whether you're "good at numbers" or not. This program was designed with small business owners in mind and is ideal for you if you're in your first few years of business and/or are in the solopreneur stage, have made at least a few sales, and are now ready to pay yourself more. 

What's the time commitment?

You'll get what you put into the program! I've used my teaching and training skills to distill the modules down to focus you on what you really need to know to start paying yourself $50K.

You should budget 1-2 hours each week to watch the videos and work through the resources. I also really want you to implement what you've learned in your business, so you should set aside time to work on your homework assignments, check in with us in the Facebook group, and attend the live Q&As! This will help you create a good financial habit of checking in on your business every week.

Remember, part of your role as CEO of your business is to be a good steward of your money, so we'll teach you how to create processes and routines to make that easy.

How will I get my questions answered?

I fully expect you to have questions as you work through the modules. You have several options for support during the program. We have a private group where you can post questions and there will be time for questions on each of our live calls!

Do you use confusing jargon and complicated concepts?

Heck no! 🙅‍♀️ I want this to be as pain-free as possible!

Fun fact about me - I taught high school math for two years before going back to get my Master's in Accounting. I also trained dozens of staff in my public accounting and corporate days. If I can teach them, I sure can teach you!

I know that numbers and math can make a lot of people clam up, stress out, fall asleep, or run for a glass of wine. So I've broken down all my knowledge and best tips into easily-digestible, short lessons that teach you exactly what you need to know, no jargon or memorizing debits and credits required.

What if I need more support beyond the program?

You'll have the option to stay in the community and continue to have access to our calls, private group, and support as you work through your next financial goals for a membership fee, or you can upgrade to one of our 1:1 services like Concierge Business Tax or the Cash Flow Intensive!

Should I sign up if I'm not located in the US?

Yes! The vast majority of the concepts I teach are applicable to any business owner across the world. In fact, there are only a handful of US-specific concepts I bring up around US tax and payroll rules - but these topics are only a small part of their respective modules and it's easy to interchange the tax rates I use in my spreadsheets with one specific to your country.

Does this course replace a bookkeeper or tax accountant?

I think there's a time and place to hire a bookkeeper and CPA, but it isn't always right when you start your business. For your bookkeeping, my goal is for you to make enough money to outsource because I know your time is worth more than that. I do still provide resources in the program for you to DIY it until you get help.

Same goes for a tax preparer. After taking this course, you might feel confident enough to use a software like TurboTax to take care of your own tax return. However, once you're paying yourself close to or in excess of $50,000, or if you have multiple owners or file as an S Corp, I HIGHLY recommend hiring a tax accountant. (Or upgrade to our Concierge Business Tax service where we help you minimize the tax you pay on your income!)

Whether you outsource these tasks or not, it's important for you to understand the concepts. You need know if everything is done the right way because ultimately, the responsibility for the success of your business and your taxes being done the right way lies with you.

I'm also going to teach you several things that most CPAs or bookkeepers won't cover (at least not proactively) - like how to price for profits, how to create a budget, how to manage your cash flow and invest in your business, and how to pay yourself.

What's your refund policy?

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your investment! If you put the work in, you will see results and feel clear on your business's finances.

So if you don't feel satisfied for any reason after completing the On Ramp and Quarterly Roadmap exercises, simply reach out to me at hello (at) trustyoungco.com, show me the work you've done, and I'll refund your investment in full.

Still not sure if you're ready?

I know dealing with your money can bring up all kinds of past issues.

I know you might be second-guessing yourself, thinking this isn't going to work for you.

I know you might feel like you don't have time to straighten your finances out.

But there is no better time than now.
You're not going to magically start building actual, life-changing wealth "one day" without doing the work.

So let's take a step forward together - toward better money habits, better profit margins, more confidence, more peace, more freedom.

Toward Profits and Prosperity.

You've got this.