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Profitable From The Start

Skip the broke start-up stage and cash flow from the get-go

Profitable From the Start teaches you the financial basics and startup strategy you need to get your business set up, organized, and making money from Day 1.

You've made the leap and decided to start your business, excited about the journey ahead of you. Or maybe you've had your business for a while, but never got it organized or made it "official" and have been winging it with less-than stellar profits.

But there are so many rules for your finances and taxes, and you're worrying about doing it all the right way. You certainly never learned how to do this in school!


Now the overwhelm and doubt is coming in.

In the last few weeks, I bet you've either gone down a bunch of online rabbit holes, tried to make sense of what your friend's dad's accountant told you to do, or have even tried to reach out to a local CPA office...

But still struggle to get the clear answers you need for your business.

If someone would just tell you exactly what you need to do to not just stay out of trouble, but make some money too, you'd get ahead a lot faster.


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What if this was you?

✨ You're focusing on the fun stuff in your business - making sales and serving your customers - instead of in the weeds trying to keep up with your finances.

✨ You're paying yourself a good salary from your business early on because you're clear on how much money you need to bring in AND what your ideal pricing should be.

✨ You sleep well at night because you're confident that all your financial bases are covered.

✨ You've created a solid foundation that you can grow and scale with more ease! (I wish I had known all this when I started my business!) 

✨ You actually find the freedom that's promised when you start a business. 

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I have an MBA, but setting up my business's finances was confusing to me! Sarah broke it all down, made it simple and approachable, and left me feeling really confident about running my business. She taught me how to set up my QuickBooks the right way, pay myself, and reinforced a profit first mentality. She also made it clear what I needed to do and what risks I could afford to take as a business owner. Sarah makes finance fun!

Jessica Lackey


Hi! I'm Sarah.

My mission is to help business owners build real, life-changing wealth from their business's cash flow.

It all starts with setting your business up the right way.

I'm a CPA, Virtual CFO, and the founder of Young + Co.

I spent years honing my business, finance, and leadership skills in the Big Four and at a large publicly-traded company before starting my own business. At this point, I've seen behind the curtain of over 100 small businesses, from start-ups to 8-figures - and grew my own business to $250K in revenue in my first year full-time.

I can spot profit leaks from a mile away.

I'm also a wife and mom of a two-year-old, so I don't have time for fluff.

I just want to do what works to put more money in the bank - and I want that for you, too.

I know how hard it is to find a financial partner for your business who knows how modern & online businesses work, who gives it to you straight without all the jargon and shame that often comes with money stuff.

I've boiled down all the finance and tax rules into exactly what a new business owner needs to know to get from zero to a regular paycheck.


Let's make your finances easy...
and, dare I say, fun!


A course that will teach you not just how to start your business on the right foot and stay out of trouble with your taxes, 

But how to jump right into the money-making phase and actually pay yourself regularly!

Get immediate, lifetime access for a one-time payment of $397

Looking for support with just one specific module or template? 

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What's inside Profitable From the Start


Business Foundations

Demystifying the setup and organizational items you need to handle first to create a foundation.

Learn the basics of legal entities, EINs, bank accounts, payment processors, and insurance.


Business Tax Basics

Exactly what your new business needs to stay out of trouble and pay less in taxes

What you need to know about business tax to stay out of trouble, pay estimates and hire a tax pro.


Startup Strategy

What I wish I had done to optimize cash flow from the beginning of my business

Create financial goals, set your first revenue target, price your offers, and learn my investing framework.


How To Get Paid

Prioritize putting money into your personal bank account instead of going broke

Calculate your CEO salary and learn how to know what you can afford with my money management system!


Finance Essentials

A simple method for keeping up with your books and knowing your numbers

Bookkeeping basics, plus how to read your financials and create a scorecard to track KPIs.



Extra lessons and resources on things I know you'll want to learn about once you finish PFS!

Financial forecasting, personal finance resources, QuickBooks support, and more to be added!

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This program is amazing! It has helped me not only manage my finances and forecasting better but helped me get a healthier mindset about my financial planning as a CEO! Sarah broke things down into bite-sized actions which helped me understand how to manage my business finances, set up the right processes, and create a framework to grow in the future. And all her spreadsheets were so helpful! It's the first weekend of the month, and I've carved out time to reconcile my accounts (through QuickBooks!) and review my financial statements, and I've even set up bank accounts for business savings and taxes!

Karen Weeks


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Here's what you get with your Profitable From the Start purchase!

Profitable From the Start is a self-paced coursed that you can complete in less than a week to get up and running fast!

👉 Lifetime access to the course content with pre-recorded video modules so you can refer back at any time, plus access to all future updates.

👉 All my best financial templates and calculators to optimize your cash flow, keep up with your books, and calculate your tax payments.

👉 Exclusive checklists and worksheets to keep everything organized and make implementation a breeze.

👉 BONUS! Have questions? I have an FAQ bank with recorded answers to other students' questions PLUS for 90 days after your purchase you have access to submit questions* that I will personally answer.

👉 BONUS! I'm including bonus lessons on setting up QuickBooks Online and creating a detailed financial forecast for your business. 

*We can answer general questions about the content in PFS. We cannot answer specific questions or provide specific tax advice for your business since we aren't engaged with you 1:1 and do not know all the details of your business and personal situation.

Get immediate, lifetime access for a one-time payment of $397

   Still have questions?   
   I've got answers!   

Profitable From the Start is something I put together after having one new business owner after another reaching out for support.

Because all the rules around finance and taxes are overwhelming - and can really put a damper on the excitement you have around starting your business.

Because it's hard to get good support from a lot of tax accountants out there. 

Because you want to actually make some money and pay yourself!

The financial support most business owners start with is usually bookkeeping or tax prep.
But here's the thing - neither of those services by themselves actually teach you how to create a profitable business - you have to take your financial data, learn how to interpret what it's telling you, make CEO-level decisions, and then manage your money so it doesn't fly back out the door. 

That's what I'm going to teach you how to do in this course! Because without having a basic understanding of your finances, it's going to be hard for you to actually make money.

So what are you waiting for?

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