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22: Want to Create Impact, Change, and Legacy? Get Inspired with Kyle S. King

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We’ve chatted extensively on the podcast about whether you can be rich and do good, and this episode should seal the deal once and for all. Kyle S. King is an entrepreneur, father, and changemaker who is doing some seriously incredible work for underserved communities, and it’s completely self-funded. In this episode, Kyle is sharing how he’s using the revenue generated from his business to make an impact and create lasting change. Get ready to take extensive notes and walk away feeling inspired.

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Key takeaways from the episode:

  • It is much easier to maintain long term relationships with existing clients than to constantly hustle to find new clients. Focus on your client experience and delivering the best service possible and craft offers that keep your clients with you long term.

  • If you want to build wealth, become a better person. Develop strong core values that will help you assess business and financial decisions and clearly see if they bring you closer to your vision and purpose or further away from it.

  • In order to make an impact, you need capital. Money offers you the opportunity to invest in the experiences and vision you want to execute for any community or group of people you want to impact. Yes, you can offer your time, but huge impacts require resources that can be purchased with capital.

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Kyle S. King is one of the most sought after coaches in Charlotte, specializing in helping coaches, consultants, and speakers grow their business through leveraging a book. His company, The Writers Game, in 2020 assisted over 400 authors around the globe craft, publish, and profit from their stories generating over $3.2 million in collective revenue.

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

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