18: Building a Business That Brings Ease, Energy, Earnings, and Equity with Jessica Lackey

In one of the earliest episodes of the podcast, we explored a common question: can you be rich and do good? In this episode, Jessica Lackey, a Feminist Strategy and Operations Advisor, is joining us to share her expertise on building a business that allows you to make money, fight injustice, foster equity, and reject being a cog in the corporate machine. That’s right - you can build a business that does ALL of these things, allowing you to stay true to your core values and create wealth at the same time.

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Some key takeaways on build a values-based business:

  • As Jessica says, break apart the paradigm that says being of service or being a helper is not something you should charge for. Your time and skills are valuable, and you deserve to build wealth that can solve inequity in the world.

  • Before we lose you with terms like “anti-capitalism,” there are lots of ways to create an equitable business that allows you to enjoy your wealth and still pay and treat your employees well.

  • Don’t focus on “charging your worth.” Instead, charge for the value of the transformation you’re providing to your client. What’s the ROI from that company working with you?

  • As an entrepreneur, redefine what “work” means to you. It’s no longer having your hands on the keyboard, tracking your hours for your manager, or putting in long nights and weekends. Reading, taking care of yourself, and strategizing is all important work.

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