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13: It’s Time to Stop Saying You’re Bad at Numbers & Finances

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There’s a phrase I hear time and time again when chatting with prospective clients: “I’m bad at numbers,” or “I’m terrible with finances.” Maybe you’ve said this to yourself or about yourself. In this episode, I’m sharing why this statement simply isn’t true, and tangible steps you can take to start disproving this belief about yourself in order to take control of your finances and live in abundance.

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Here are some things to try if you think you’re not good at numbers:

  • In Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about taking on the habits of someone with a specific identity. What are the thoughts and habits of someone who is “good with money?” Try shifting your thoughts and habits to these.

  • Go back and listen to episode 4 of the podcast and work on some of these financial habits. By implementing these straightforward habits over the next 30 days, you’ll build your confidence in your ability to manage money with intention and ease.

  • Once you have these habits down, build your wealth. Make investments with the cash flow in your business. Before you know it, you’ll catch yourself saying how good you are at numbers and finances (and you’ll be right!).

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Links mentioned:

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

  • Episode 4: 6 Money Habits to Implement for More Cash Flow & Wealth

  • Episode 6: How to Make Money Management Easy + My Spin on the Profit First Method

I’m Sarah Young - a CPA, Virtual CFO, and the Owner of Young + Co! I have over a decade of experience in helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses and build wealth at the 6- and 7-figure levels, and I started the Profit + Prosper podcast to help you do the same. Profit + Prosper is a business finance podcast created to help entrepreneurs build their wealth in a way that’s fun and empowering. This is NOT a boring numbers podcast - I will share tactical tips to increase your profit so you can truly prosper in your business and in life. I hope you’ll subscribe so we can Profit + Prosper together!

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