11: Being a Mom and a CEO, Building a Team, and Simplifying Your Business for More Peace and Profit

Do you feel like business has to be hard for your company to be successful? Are you holding out for this huge business purchase to make your company legit? Mary Jayne Wilson, the Founder of Thoughtful Baking Co., thought 60-hour work weeks and owning busy storefronts were the key to a successful food service business. Today, she has a super profitable business selling at farmers’ markets two days per week, allowing her to spend lots of time with her three daughters, maintain a team of employees, and pay herself. In this episode, we dive into how she was able to simplify her business, ditch the hustle for herself and her team, and find both peace and profit in her business.

Connect with Mary Jayne & Thoughtful Baking Co.:

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Some key takeaways on how Mary Jayne grew her business with ease:

  • What are things you think you need in your business to be successful? Mary Jayne thought she needed a storefront now that her baking business has taken off, but she has built a profitable business with two sales days per week, spends lots of time with her daughters, and doesn’t feel immersed in hustle. Let go of the need for things to constantly be bigger and flashier to be successful.

  • When you have a team, as long as you’re clear with what you need and you trust them, they will be successful. Delegate what you can, trust them to do the work well (even if it’s not as “perfect” as you do it), and you’ll have a lot more ease in your workflow.

  • It’s so important to take care of yourself as a mom and a business owner. Mom guilt can creep in, but self care makes you a better mom and CEO. A 20-minute workout is better than zero, and going for a walk even though you have a long to-do list is going to serve your body, mind, and business well.

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