10: Managing Business Finances, Hiring Your First Employee, and Making Smart Investments

Have you ever wondered how other business owners are managing their business finances and making money moves? In today’s episode, I’m talking to Kenzie Harkey, the CEO of Simply Dare, on her business finance journey, hiring her first W-2 employee, and how smart investments have helped her level up her business. Kenzie did my Profit + Prosper program last fall, so if you’re feeling inspired to make a smart investment in your business, enroll now before we kick off on April 11th, 2022!

Simply Dare is a lifestyle and organizing company based in Charlotte, NC. They help individuals and families simplify and style their homes in addition to offering relocation services in which the Simply Dare team will pack, unpack, and set up systems for new home or post-renovation move-in’s.

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Some key takeaways from Kenzie’s experience:

  • While W-2 employees are more expensive to hire than contractors, there is a cost benefit to having another higher level person on your team to increase your capacity and therefore your revenue and profit.

  • Implementing some form of the Profit First method is super effective for having a strong grasp on your business finances. Being able to see where every single dollar is going is crucial for making investment decisions in your business.

  • Make investments in your business. Invest in courses, people, and books that you can learn from to get to the next level in your business. If there are things that aren’t sustainable or possible to DIY, it’s totally worth it to outsource those things to a professional.

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