2: The First Step Towards a Richer Life | Can You Be Rich & Do Good?

Owning your financial journey can bring up a lot of feelings, including any negative associations you may have with “getting rich” or with “rich people” in general. With so much media attention on billionaires flying to space, it can be difficult to reconcile wanting a vision for yourself that includes financial freedom (and maybe even some seriously luxurious items or experiences for yourself!) and also wanting to do good in the world.

In this episode, I’m taking you through a deep reflection exercise to craft your vision and define what success looks like for you. This is the very first step toward taking ownership of your financial journey and creating profit goals that will support your vision. Along the way, we’ll unpack how (*spoiler alert!*) you CAN be rich and do good, and how your vision can include how your wealth will help others.

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Some reflection questions to ask yourself when you’re building your vision are:

  • What does a “rich” life look like to you? Really take this opportunity to challenge any negative associations you have with the word “rich” and think about what your dream day would look like.

  • What are some things that seem really extravagant or luxurious to you right now that you would like to incorporate into your future? What is something that if you had it, you would feel like you “made it?”

  • What legacy do you want to leave? You’ve crafted how you’ll enjoy your life when you have the means to do so, so you can use this question to get clear on how you would like to use your wealth to help others.

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