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Cash Flow Intensive

Remove the roadblocks and make more money in your business, fast.

"My business is growing and I'm making more sales than ever, but I feel all over the place with my money!"

You've grown your business to six figures or more. You feel good about what you're selling and you've started to put a team in place, but you're still feeling stuck.

⚡ You're ready for your profits to reflect the work you've put into growing your business, and you aren't sure how to get there.

⚡ You have a ton of goals, but aren't clear on what to prioritize or what you can afford to invest in.

⚡ Your financial systems feel like a hot mess and you know you can't scale with ease until you streamline them.


The Cash Flow Intensive will have you feeling empowered, invigorated, and clear on your next steps.

We'll map out how you'll add
$50K to $100K to your bottom line so you can grow your business and invest to build your legacy.

Hi! I'm Sarah.

My mission is to remove financial roadblocks so that all business owners are empowered to reach their goals, build their wealth, and leave a legacy.


I'm a CPA and Virtual CFO, and a wife and mom. I spent years honing my business, finance, and leadership skills in the Big Four and at a large publicly-traded company before founding Young + Co. I started my business after seeing first-hand how difficult it is for small business owners to find trusted experts to help them understand their entire financial picture. I decided to fix that problem!

I believe in taking a fresh approach to your finances, and I'm not the stodgy, traditional CPA your dad referred you to. I believe that there's way more to your finances than your tax return - it's important to think about your finances holistically in order to maximize your overall profits so you can build your wealth and legacy and create more peace and stability in your life.

In the Cash Flow Intensive, you'll get access to my financial expertise and know-how from years of looking behind the curtain at hundreds of businesses. We'll create a custom financial plan specifically for you, so you can grow your business profitably, smooth out your financial systems, and generate wealth.


You've been putting your finances on the back burner for a while because you're so busy building your business.

You're ready to start bringing in $50K to $100K more each year by growing your business and maximizing your cash flow.

You'd love to use your business to build your net worth, but have no idea where to start because there are so many options out there. It's overwhelming!

You've tried to put together a financial plan for your business but got lost in spreadsheet hell (and you're pretty sure you're missing a piece of the puzzle anyway).

Your financial systems were patched together as your business grew, and now it's hard to get the data you need to know what's going on in your business.


That's where I come in! 

After working with 100+ clients and growing my own business, I've learned what works - and what results in money flying out the door.

It's time to stop second-guessing your money situation, and map out a plan to make more money from your business.

How it works


Before the Intensive, you'll complete a thorough intake questionnaire and upload your financial statements so we can gather all the relevant details about your business's finances, goals, and systems. We'll use that to begin prepping your plan!

Intensive Session

You'll have a three hour one-on-one Intensive Session with Sarah, where we dive deep into your personal and business goals, profit assessment, benchmarking, financial systems audit, and custom financial plan. This is where the magic happens!

Plan Delivery

While you relax, Sarah will get to work and finalize your plan. You'll receive your custom financial plan, profit assessment, and systems recommendations in your inbox with a video tutorial. Have questions? You get 30 days of email support as you implement your plan!

Here's how we make the money magic happen

Profit Assessment: We dive into your historical numbers to identify trends, see what your money-makers are, and call out your profit leaks. We also use industry benchmarks to compare your numbers to those of similar businesses. You'll get personalized recommendations for improving your profits and cash flow.

Financial Systems Audit: We'll do an in-depth assessment of your financial systems, including your billing, payroll, AP, and bank accounts. We'll talk through your pain points and propose new financial systems and software to fit your needs. We'll also help you implement a plan to manage your money on auto-pilot!

Custom Financial Plan: This is where we map it all out! We'll get crystal clear on your personal and business goals, and prep a plan to add those 000's to your bottom line and build your wealth. Deliverables will include a break-even analysis, written financial plan, and 12-month forecast to translate your dreams into dollars.



with Sarah Young

Remove the roadblocks and make more money in your business, fast

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