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The Millionaire CEO Incubator™

with Sarah Young

A premium, done-with-you 6 month group coaching program for established online business owners and service providers who want to increase profits and use their cash flow to build a $1M+ investment portfolio

For the established entrepreneur ready to get off the cash flow hamster wheel and turn their 6 figure cash flow into 7 figures in wealth

You became an entrepreneur so you could do what you love, build the life of your dreams, and have an impact...

But you're still looking for the "freedom" everyone always talks about.

👉 You've figured out how to bring in sales and got your business off the ground, but you're still not paying yourself regularly and certainly aren't saving or investing - so having $1M or more in the bank feels really far off.


👉 You feel like you're living paycheck to paycheck - or sale to sale - in your business and you aren't sure how to hop off the cash flow hamster wheel.

👉 You've got big goals and are ready to get out of the weeds in your business, but you aren't sure how to make the numbers work, what investments you should make, and what you can afford.

It's time for the work you've put into building your business to be reflected in your bank balance!


A hybrid of group coaching + done-with-you support to increase your profit margins, grow your cash flow, and build wealth using your business as the firestarter.

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4 Step Millionaire CEO Framework

My signature step-by-step method for increasing profits and turning cash flow into wealth without increasing your workload or getting buried in bookkeeping!

Ask the CFO Feedback + Audits

Submit any of your workbooks, calculations, or financials for our review - we'll send pre-recorded feedback to make sure you're on the right track!

Weekly Strategy Support & Coaching

Weekly live group strategy calls hosted by Sarah plus a dedicated financial coach to nail down your strategy, embody your millionaire mindset, and get unstuck.

Wealth & Finance Expert Access

Monthly calls with experts to take your wealth-building game to the next level plus bookkeeping & tax office hours for tactical support.

Private Clients-Only Slack Community

Hang out with a group of like-minded CEOs who are working on their money alongside you, and get coaching between calls in our private Slack group.

QuickBooks Online Setup & Organization

We aren't going to let your accounting system hold you back! My team will get your QuickBooks Online file  streamlined so you get actionable insights from your data.


Want an overview of how you can increase your profit margins + turn that cash into 7-figure wealth? 

 take my free mini course!

You've figured out how to make sales and serve your clients, but you're still stuck on the cash flow hamster wheel, constantly having to do MORE in order to make more money. It's time to break free! In my free 2-day mini course, I'll walk you through my 3-step framework to create six figure profits and pay yourself a CEO salary!


We work with business owners who we feel confident we can help based on certain criteria, and we take on a limited number of new clients every month.

If you're ready to increase your profits, pay yourself a six-figure CEO salary, and turn your cash flow into $1M in net worth, apply for the Millionaire CEO Incubator™ today! 


"I never thought I would be able to hire employees in my business - it felt like such a far off thing. But after going through Sarah's program, I'm taking a more hands-on approach with managing my money and streamlining my systems. I've created more time and space that I've used to expand my team and set my business up to double down on growth and expansion! In the first year of running my business, I felt so burned out. Now, I've started resting more and having fun in my business again. I can't praise Sarah enough for her guidance this year!"

Kenzie Harkey


"In the first year of running my business I was making plenty of sales and quickly hired a team, but was hesitant to take money out to pay myself and I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants all the time. After working with Sarah, I'm super clear on what I want to achieve and how my business goals can align with my life. I'm paying myself regularly, I have time to spend with my family, and I have a plan to keep growing in a way that aligns with my values. I'm not just getting by anymore - I feel so much more confident and clear about what my purpose is and how I'm going to get there."

Mary Jayne Wilson



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