Get your questions answered by a CPA at a fraction of the cost.

Have you ever asked yourself…

Did I set my business up the right way?

How much should I pay myself? 

How do I hire an employee to help grow my business?

Am I taking advantage of all the tax deductions I can?

Even after reading all the articles you can find on the internet, it can be tough to know how to apply the advice to your business.

Our Clarity Sessions are designed for small business owners who have questions about their accounting and taxes, but aren’t ready to outsource their books just yet.

This is more than your typical one-hour consult, where you do your best to work through your list of questions in the time you have allotted and try to keep up as you feverishly take notes that you might not understand later.

Instead, you’ll get a custom plan with action items specifically tailored to your business, not just generic advice you could get from an internet search, and a one-hour meeting with a CPA to answer all your questions. You’ll also walk away with resources including how-to guides, templates, and calculators that you can refer back to over and over as your business evolves.