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Build your business, your wealth, and your legacy.

A hands-on, done-for-you service for quickly growing 7-figure businesses, providing an integrated finance team focused on making you more profitable. We'll handle your financial strategy, accounting, and taxes so you can turn your business into a wealth-generating engine.

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You've got a successful business and you're doing what you love. Your business has taken off, your revenue is growing, and so is your team.


You've got big dreams and you're just getting started.

Cash flow might feel tight sometimes, you aren't sure if you can afford to invest in the things you've got your eye on, and you worry about doing the wrong thing. Don't even mention that big tax bill that always seems to come around every year!


Taking care of your finances is just one more thing on your plate, and you haven't had a lot of success getting answers from your bookkeeper or tax accountant.

You know if you had a clear financial plan and profit strategy for your business, you would feel more in control, like the CEO you are.

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Here's how our CFO services support you as you take your business to the next level:


Not your basic bookkeeping. You get a staff accountant and controller in your back pocket. We'll streamline all your financial systems to make your money management a breeze, and keep your books up to date so we have crystal-clear numbers to work with. We can also include A/R, A/P, payroll, and contractor payment support if needed!


Our tax team is fully integrated, so you don't have to deal with miscommunication and slow response times. In additional to preparation of your annual tax return, you'll get a custom tax plan and all your estimated tax payments calculated and remitted. We'll also strategize with you on ways to cut your tax bill to save you money!


Our reporting allows us to provide actionable insights, telling you what's bringing the money in and where you might have a profit leak so you can act fast. Our Weekly CFO plan also includes enhanced dashboards and KPIs updated weekly for even more analytics, trend analyses, and profitability assessment.


Your CFO will help you strategize on optimizing your cash flow, identifying your next best investments, and growing your business profitably. We'll get clear on your financial goals and develop a plan to turn your business into a profit engine! We'll help you develop a budget and forecast and provide a budget-to-actual analysis. Along the way, your CFO and finance team will provide advisory support on cash flow, payroll, billing, and systems best practices to help your business run smoothly. Our Weekly CFO Plan also includes cash flow forecasting and cash management that's ideal for our most complex clients.


Our dedicated team of CFOs, CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers will get all up in your business - in a good way! We operate as an integrated team, so gone are the days of you playing the middle man. We can also work directly with your wealth advisor, banker, and legal team if needed. 


We have two tiers of CFO services - The Finance Suite and Monthly Virtual CFO - that both include the accounting, tax, reporting, and strategy & advisory services listed above. The primary difference is in the frequency of accounting, forecasting, and strategy meetings that businesses need at different levels! Both tiers go through these two phases:


All new clients start with a CFO Intensive. This is a 90 day engagement that serves as an on ramp to our ongoing CFO services.


The Intensive will get you complete clarity, fast! You'll end the engagement with:

  • Squeaky clean financials and clear reporting

  • Scalable, integrated financial systems

  • A historical profit assessment and an industry benchmarking analysis to identify areas of opportunity

  • A business and personal tax assessment for the current year to identify potential areas of tax savings

  • A custom financial plan for your business to translate your dreams into dollars

We'll identify a handful of focus areas for your business that will help you make more money and walk through a financial plan to get you there!


After the Intensive, we'll transition to our Monthly CFO or Finance Suite service. With our CFO services, we'll support you as you execute on the focus areas identified in the Intensive and as you grow your business profitably. Here's what you get:

  • Monthly or weekly bookkeeping from our team and optional AR, AP, and payroll support. We'll provide project and/or accrual accounting to give you better insights into your business performance.

  • Monthly or weekly reporting with a financial statement package, cash forecast, and custom CEO dashboard, plus 1:1 Controller review and insights on your reports.

  • Tax prep for your business and personal returns.

  • Tax planning and handling of estimated tax payments.

  • Quarterly tax planning 1:1s with your dedicated tax pro, and tax strategy to help you reduce your tax bill while building wealth.

  • Quarterly or annual budgeting and forecasting, where we update your financial targets and track your progress against goals.

  • Monthly or quarterly 1:1s with your CFO, Slack and email support, and office hours available with your finance team when you need to hop on the phone.

    Our Monthly CFO service also includes:

  • Cash forecasting & management to help you stay on top of all the moving parts in your business.

  • Project and/or accrual accounting to give you clarity on the profitability of your business.

  • Advisory support for best practices in your accounting systems, cash management, profitability, business model, payroll and team, and billing processes. Your CFO and tax advisor are in your back pocket.

CFO Intensive - $12,000 to $20,000+ total, depending on business size and complexity

The Finance Suite - $2,000 to $4,000 per month

Monthly CFO
 - $5,000 to $8,000+ per month

Which of our CFO services is right for your business?

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Working with the Young + Co team has been one of the best investments...

I've made in my business! I don't have to worry about the day to day finances, because I know there are very smart, intelligent folks who have it taken care of. The level of partnership that I have with the team is great, and supports the growth and success of our company, even in things that may not even directly deal with finances. Sarah and the team truly value the people that they work with and want to see them succeed - and that shows in the level of care, and attention and detail that they give throughout our partnership.


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When I left the corporate life to start my own business...

The part that made me most nervous was no longer having a finance function to do regular reporting and add a strategic financial lens to the business decisions being made.  I was thrilled to find Young + Co, who not only fills that need, but who offers multiple products so they can grow with my business.  If you are thinking about working with them on your business, do it.  You won't regret it.


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Ready to build your business, your wealth, and your legacy?

Submit an inquiry to get started!

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