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Concierge Business Tax + Books

Year-round tax and bookkeeping support to give you a rock solid financial foundation and help you save on taxes.

Tax + Books is our next-level integrated tax and bookkeeping service for six figure business owners looking for ongoing support as their business - and cash flow - grows.


As your business grows to six figures and you start hiring a team, you suddenly find yourself with a LOT more moving parts to deal with as CEO.

Not only does your tax bill increase as your profits grow, but you have a lot more cash coming in the door - and a lot more going back out.

To manage your business effectively and have the information you need to make CEO decisions quickly, you need to keep your finances maintained.

Enter: Concierge Business Tax + Books!

Concierge Tax + Books is perfect for the online or service-based business owner who wants confidence in their numbers as they grow to multi-six and seven figures, expand their team, and increase cash flow.


You'll get an integrated finance team - so gone are your days of playing the middle man between your bookkeeper and tax accountant. Here's what's included:


👉 Monthly bookkeeping & reconciliations: Our expert team will handle all aspects of your bookkeeping each month in QuickBooks online to keep your financials organized and up-to-date.


👉 Financial reports: Each month, you'll get financial statements showing your current financial picture so you can see how much money you're making.

👉 Tax planning + strategy: You'll get quarterly one-on-ones with your tax strategist CPA to  update your financial and business goals and plans, and strategize on what you can do to save on your tax bill.​

👉 Quarterly reviews + estimates: Our tax team will review your financials every quarter, proactively inform you if we see any opportunities to save, and calculate how much you need to set aside for taxes based on your individual business and tax plan.

👉 Year-round support: You get unlimited email support and weekly office hours with your accounting and tax team, so we can really get to know your business and answer your financial and tax questions as they come up.

We're here to save you money and make your finances seamless and stress-free.

Investment: $1,500 to $2,500+ per month for 12 months

Want to start with tax + finance basics?


Which of our done-for-you services is right for your business?

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We are so excited that you're ready for concierge-level financial support!

Tax + Books is a new offer that we've opened first to current clients. We'll start taking on new clients in late March!

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