The financial partner you've been looking for

Fact: 20% of small businesses go under within their first year. 

That number jumps up 50% by the fifth year. Why? A lot of failures are driven by cash flow problems, which can happen when CEOs don’t take the time to create a solid financial foundation for their businesses.

At Young + Co, we care about making a real impact on business owner’s lives, because we believe that small business owners make the world go round. We fundamentally believe that having visibility into your entire financial picture helps keep the lights on. That’s why one-time tax returns don’t cut it for us.

If you’re flying blind, then you’re relying on pure luck to achieve your big goals and make enough money to pay yourself a decent wage. 

As your virtual CFO and financial visibility partner, we care about keeping your lights on for the long haul. We’ll help you make sense of your numbers, get the right answers, and implement your strategy so you have a sustainable and healthy business.

Sarah Young, CPA

Hi – I’m Sarah Young, founder of Young + Co!

I’ve been dealing with money ever since I was running the cash register at a peach stand in York, SC. 

I started my accounting career in the Big Four, where I worked with clients ranging from start-ups to established public companies. I then transitioned to industry, where I managed accounting and reporting for a large publicly-traded company. And after a not-so-amazing personal accounting experience, I decided to found Young + Co to use my financial expertise to help business owners succeed.

The profitability and success of small business is important to me because they don’t always have the same expertise and resources the big companies have. They can be uncertain about how to manage the growth of the business, and while they’re bringing in revenue, that may not translate into money to take home to your family.

They need more guidance from a trusted advisor, and have questions that their bookkeepers can’t always answer during their once-per year tax prep services.

That’s why I believe in a modern approach to accounting, one that takes a company’s full financial picture into account. Because the only way to profitability is through financial visibility.

Education: University of North Carolina, Master of Accounting; University of South Carolina, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Certifications: Certified Public Accountant, NC; Member of the AICPA; Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor; Gusto People Advisor Certified