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Your Virtual CFO
+ Finance Expert

We help driven CEOs increase cash flow, generate wealth, and keep more of their money with our hands-on CFO services and programs.


Done-For-You Services to Help You Grow


Our premium done-for-you monthly CFO service helps 6- and 7-figure CEOs manage their money with clarity, keep more of what they earn, and grow a more profitable business with clear financial and tax strategies and back-end support.

Business Tax

Get the tax support you need to run your business with confidence from a financial partner who truly understands your business. Our annual business tax package goes way beyond tax prep to help you maximize your profits with tax planning and strategy.

Programs + Coaching

Group Coaching + Courses

The Millionaire CEO Incubator™

A premium, done-with-you 6-month group coaching program for established online business owners and service providers who want to increase profits and use their cash flow to build a $1M+ investment portfolio.

Profitable From the Start

This DIY course breaks down the financial basics and teaches the startup strategy you need to get your business set up, organized, and making money from Day 1 so you can skip past the broke startup stage!

Course + Template Shop

Our courses, masterclasses, and templates help business owners like you get a handle on your finances and taxes - without the jargon and overwhelm - so you can run your business with confidence.

Want to learn how to build a profitable business, pay yourself more, save on taxes, and grow your wealth?


Hi! I'm Sarah.

I take a fresh + modern approach to finance, and I'm not the old-school CPA your dad referred you to. I believe that there's way more to your finances than your tax return.


I'll help you think about your finances holistically in order to maximize your overall profits, so you can create more peace and stability in your life, build your wealth, and leave a legacy.

Ready to increase your profit margins and turn that cash into 7-figure wealth?

take my free mini course!

You've figured out how to make sales and serve your clients, but you're still stuck on the cash flow hamster wheel, constantly having to do MORE in order to make more money. It's time to break free! In my free 2-day mini course, I'll walk you through my 3-step framework to create six figure profits and pay yourself a CEO salary!

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Success Stories


I never thought I would be able to hire employees in my business - it felt like such a far off thing. But after going through Sarah's program, I'm taking a more hands-on approach with managing my money and streamlining my systems. I've created more time and space that I've used to expand my team and set my business up to double down on growth and expansion! In the first year of running my business, I felt so burned out. Now, I've started resting more and having fun in my business again. I can't praise Sarah enough for her guidance this year!


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